The Truth Is...
The Truth Is...
Finding Our We

Finding Our We

A spoken word poem by Lisa Sharon Harper
We are not powerless.

We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses

From the yester-life

And the living

They walked and walk

They stood and stand

They ran and run 

They raise their fists and voices and pens

And they move their feet and push back chaos

And they bring light. 

Together, we are not powerless.

Together, we are a force

Together, we make up the sinews of the Spirit of God

The body that Spirit moves and moves through

Together, we, is power

The we of collective humanity is an unstoppable force. 

We breaks boundaries

Joins hands

Hugs through barbed wire

We risks the life of self

To defend the life of “other”

We recognizes: I do not exist without we.

We is connected.

We feels the break

And moves through the sludge of chaotic communication

To confront

To correct

To mend

To heal

To love.

That is the epic struggle 

of this present disconnected darkness

To find humanity’s we.

The common thread 

We all touch

Woven through and between us all—

the thread not even the lost ones can deny.

Together, we are not powerless.

Oh, God help us feel it.

Oh, God help those who do not know what it is to experience it, to claim it, to walk forward guided by it.

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The Truth Is...
The Truth Is...
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