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I thought I was 'pro-life' once. I thought it was not right to kill the baby in the womb. I forgot that the women who needed abortions were not evil monsters - they were people like me, stuck in terrible circumstances, feeling pain. Then I started to really listen to those who claimed they wanted to save the lives of the unborn.....they provided a few secondhand goods to the mothers who kept their babies, but there it ended. They would not pay for healthcare of either the mother or the child, or for the cost of bringing up that child. They did not contribute to the college fund . They had no concern for the mental or spiritual welfare of either mother or child. They did not care that they robbed women of their freedom to choose.

Neither did they care for the kids in children's homes or for kids living in poverty or for the many, many young children and babies who who died in other countries through lack of access to clean water.

They do very little to support others lives, when the others are not their own. They will shoot and kill, they do execute without mercy. Pro-life? - I don't think so.

Yet, I am not wholly innocent. I am also a mixed bag of good and hypocrisy. I have my own biases, unconscious and otherwise. I am still guilty of walking by on the other side of the road, while my sisters and my brothers bleed...........BUT to the best of my ability, I want to stand with my sisters who have been robbed of their choice and their autonomy. I want to stand with those who are discriminated against simply for having more melatonin in their skin cells. I don't know how to do this in a practical way , but I thankyou for speaking out so eloquently, Lisa Sharon Harper.

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Thank you for this thoughtful reflection, Cat1W. For too long, many of us simply followed along—without questions or humility. Both are powerful. They strike at the lie that “we” are God; reminding us we are all fallible flesh. And that reality requires a politics of grace.

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